Montgomery County

Located in Philadelphia’s backyard, Montgomery County is a region filled with small, tranquil communities; a suburban oasis that has been labeled by Forbes Magazine as America’s 9th best place to raise a family. That’s undoubtedly due to its quiet sense of community and its proximity to a major metropolitan area. The region is notable for its ample shopping opportunities, including King of Prussia, the largest shopping mall on the East Coast. The county has numerous parks and historic sites, providing plenty of options for outdoor activities. In addition, Montgomery County is home to the Main Line, a historically rich suburban area just outside of Philadelphia. Replete with Colonial architecture and substantial transit connections to the surrounding areas, this area adds greatly to the authentic flavor of the region, making Montgomery County a truly unique and enriching place to live.

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Blair Mill Village

100 Upland Ave. D-17

Blair Mill Village East

3855 Blair Mill Rd Bldg 249

Quakertown West

491 South Ninth Street #M-201

Wissahickon Park

757 E. Main Street A-202